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John Schneider’s Artist Studio Access Episode 01 Good Old Boys (Dukes Theme) This song is available for purchase at CD Baby RIGHT NOW! Please purchase! The first of a series of 52 (Next episodes will cost $3.99). Come into the studio with John and his friends like Tanya Tucker, TG Shepard, T. Graham Brown, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Heidi Newfield, Bobby Bear, Confederate Railroad, Steve Wariner, […]

Artist Studio Access EP 2 Where Ever She Is

Come behind the locked doors of Sound Stage Studio in Nashville and join us as we record what is bound to be a country classic! Ever now and again someone writes a song that simply say it all. This one does exactly that with a sense of humor only captured by writers Bobby Tomberlyn, Bill […]

Artist Studio Access Ep 3 Crazy Women

Everybody knows one. Admit it. Come back into the the area behind the closed door on Nashville’s “Backstage at Soundstage Studios” and go where no music lover has gone before EVER! Purchase “Crazy Women” here:

Crazy Women Music Video

Buy the song right here today: You just can’t make this stuff up! Operative words (among many in this song…) “How the hell did I get here?” You know one.. …you owe one! Time to reclaim our sense of humor, ya’ll!