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Like Son

A local Sheriff decides to right the wrongs in the small town prior to his demise, unbeknownst to him, the Deputy, his son is hot on his heels in pursuit and alerts the Attorney General, who happens to turn a blind eye to the Sheriff. Director: John Schneider Writer: John Schneider Cast: John Schneider Don […]

Painting A Normal Life

Hank Holland, a Louisiana folk artist with cerebral palsy, learns to embrace his disability through his art. Director: Paul Catalanotto Writer: Paul Catalanotto Stars: Christian Holland, Hank Holland, Maria Holland


No matter how fast you run you always catch up to yourself. Directed by: Edo Natasha Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Richard Braunskill James Harber Quantae Love Edo Natasha Stars: Quantae Love, Joseph E. Agudo, Emmy Agustin

Morning Rift

Cody and Alesha are on a journey to find a better life when peril impedes their way. Can they survive…together? Director: Jarod O’Flaherty Stars: Colton Tapp, Restin Burk, Kevin Tillett

Inadmissible Trailer

A tale of nature vs. nurture set in the courts and back roads of Louisiana from the unapologetic. Director: John Schneider Cast: John Schneider Don Shanks Laura Cayouette Jason Kirkpatrick Maddie Nichols Dane Rhodes Jordan Salloum

Madeline’s Oil

Madeline’s oil is a moving short film that follows the turning point in the lives of the 1800’s Louisiana family. The strong heroine of the family does whatever it takes to save her daughter Madeline. Part American Western drama and part complex family saga, Madeline’s oil delves into deep topics like love, racism, death, hate […]


Director: John Swider Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Jim Jackson Aaron Jay Rome … (story adaptation to film) John Swider … (story adaptation to film) Rory White … (story adaptation to film) Stars: Eric Roberts, Zac Waggener, Claire Garrett

He’s Not Looking So Great

A horror comedy about a guy who decides to break up with his girlfriend when they and another couple find themselves caught up in the zombie apocalypse. Director: Gregory Kurczynski Writer: Lynne Hansen Stars: Max Jay-Dixon, Kat Lindsay, Melanie Litton

Anderson Bench

A fast food clerk’s life spins out of control when he meets a cute but murderous hitchhiker. Director: John Schneider Stars: Ann Dalrymple, Steven Esteb, Maddie Nichols

As I Am

A retrospective look at the life and work of influential electronic music DJ, Adam Goldstein, known as DJ AM. Director: Kevin Kerslake Writer: Kevin Kerslake