10 Videos

Like Son

A local Sheriff decides to right the wrongs in the small town prior to his demise, unbeknownst to him, the Deputy, his son is hot on his heels in pursuit and alerts the Attorney General, who happens to turn a blind eye to the Sheriff.


A tale of nature vs. nurture set in the courts and back roads of Louisiana from the unapologetic. Director: John Schneider Cast: John Schneider Don Shanks Laura Cayouette Jason Kirkpatrick Maddie Nichols Dane Rhodes Jordan Salloum

Anderson Bench

A fast food clerk’s life spins out of control when he meets a cute but murderous hitchhiker. Director: John Schneider Stars: Ann Dalrymple, Steven Esteb, Maddie Nichols

Smothered Trailer

Five horror icons ditch an unprofitable autograph signing convention to earn some extra cash haunting an RV park, but find themselves being haunted instead. Director: John Schneider Writers: John Schneider (story), John Schneider Stars: Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff, Bill Moseley

Collier & Co.

J.R. Collier, once the world’s greatest race driver, is losing his family because he can’t get racing out of his blood. His scheme to “go legit” by acquiring and reselling exotic cars — cars he acquires by suckering the owners into racing for the pink slip runs afoul of the bad guys when he wins […]

Among The Discarded HD

Artist Trent Dion Soto spent 30 days homeless on the streets of LA’s Skid Row, with only a toothbrush and a GoPro camera. Director: Trent Dion Soto Writer: Trent Dion Soto Star: Trent Dion Soto


John Schneider’s 4:Go The tables are turned on four escaped murderers and their seemingly harmless hostage when they take to the woods. If only the inept posse wasn’t twenty miles off the scent they might actually live through the weekend.

Artist Studio Access EP 2 Where Ever She Is

Come behind the locked doors of Sound Stage Studio in Nashville and join us as we record what is bound to be a country classic! Ever now and again someone writes a song that simply say it all. This one does exactly that with a sense of humor only captured by writers Bobby Tomberlyn, Bill […]

Artist Studio Access Ep 3 Crazy Women

Everybody knows one. Admit it. Come back into the the area behind the closed door on Nashville’s “Backstage at Soundstage Studios” and go where no music lover has gone before EVER! Purchase “Crazy Women” here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/johnrschneider4

Crazy Women Music Video

Buy the song right here today: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/johnrschneider4 You just can’t make this stuff up! Operative words (among many in this song…) “How the hell did I get here?” You know one.. …you owe one! Time to reclaim our sense of humor, ya’ll!